Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Die vollständigen Hintergrundinformationen nun also hier:

Ursprünglich wollte ich nur ein paar Songs fertig machen, so dass eine Bandneugründung dann nicht wie zuvor immer bei 0 anfangen muss und direkt loslegen kann. Durch den Zuspruch (u.a. eben auch im Musiker-Board, siehe D'Angelico-Endorser-Spiel) wurde dann aber schnell mehr daraus, so dass nun schon quasi zwei Alben zur Hand sind (faktisch sogar noch mehr). Hat den Nachteil, dass das jetzt ziemlich wie ein reines Solo-Projekt daherkommt. Hat den Vorteil, dass ihr sofort seht, dass es keine wirklichen stilistischen Beschränkungen gibt und ihr einen guten Eindruck bekommt, was musikalisch so abgeht.

Mir macht die YouTuber-Variante zwar Spaß, aber live ist doch was anderes. Und darum soll es zuerst auch gehen: Gigs. Deswegen auch 2018. Meiner Erfahrung nach wird es eine ganze Weile dauern, ehe alles beisammen ist. Langfristig wäre natürlich ideal, wenn man eine Band daraus machen könnte. Wenn Aufnahmeequipment vorhanden ist vielleicht auch vorher...

Was wird also gesucht: Gitarre, Bass, Schlagzeug.

Gitarre: mindestens ein Instrument auf (Drop-)C (oder tiefer - das ist mir Wurscht), sonst wird es schwer die Songs zu spielen. Idealerweise liegen die Fertigkeiten über meinen, so dass vernünftiges Leadspiel mit eingebunden werden kann (alle aktuellen Soli können ersetzt werden).

Bass: C oder direkt Fünfsaiter, manchmal ist unisono mit den tiefen Gitarren the-way-to-go. Ich notiere die Basslinien fast nie aus, daher wär's ganz gut, wenn raushören kein Problem darstellt, wenn sie gefallen.

Schlagzeug: speziell die letzten fünf Songs (15-20) als Referenz ansehen. Da ich das alles einzeln von Hand programmiere, habe ich keine Einschätzung ob das "in echt" schwer oder leicht ist...

Ich will erstmal das Interesse abklopfen, d.h. ihr braucht keine festen Zusagen machen, sondern einfach mal locker Kontakt aufbauen. Denn wie gesagt, bisher habe ich eher die Erfahrung gemacht, dass es sehr lange dauert bis alle beisammen sind.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Well you missed several songs!

As you might notice: I really stopped blogging. Why? Well I released a ton of songs...
Nr. 11
Nr. 12
Nr. 13
Nr. 14

And I even launched my Off The Grid series (this is the 3rd song)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

New video

I am just worried about what's going on in the world. Right wing populists are popping up everywhere and threatening the freedom of us and bringing the world closer to darkness...

So I had to write a song about this

Monday, July 11, 2016

Announcing: latest video and new channel trailer

Well...there'll be a few changes (additions) to the channel:

And I released song no. 10

Working on the next releases so blogging will continue to be paused. If there's anybody out there wanting more blogs - let me know. Otherwise I'll focus on the videos...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

DrScythe Thoughts - Part VI: How good feedback can be demoralizing

I already posted something about feedback and critique but I've got to add something: good feedback can be demoralizing. Don't get me wrong here: I absolutely LOVE the good feedback I receive. It was necessary to give me the confidence to launch Project 100. But I recently had to think about life and stuff again...

I soon will release my 10th song and it's a little more ambitious than the ones so far. Not in terms of the music but in terms of the lyrics and setting. But while working on this one I also was thinking about what I achieved so far..more than doubled my subs on YT, got the attention of a company (although that's mostly due to my reviews on a forum) and a relatively large number of "great song(s)!" "you're talented" "keep going!". While this is incredibly uplifting for the artist half of me, it's really frustrating for the rational part.

I am struggling to find a job at the moment so money is a big issue. I studied something very different from music because I always was (and still am) ridden by the idea that my songs and abitilies will never be good enough for people to like them. So I chose to do something more solid (IT management). Apparently companies are looking for people with my knowledge according to their advertisements but not me. So with every positive comment about my music I am now closer to cursing myself for wasting my time with this degree. And also cursing the whole internet for being so cluttered that it seems to be impossible to be noticed by more than one or two persons every time I try to promote my stuff.

It would be a completely different situation if I would've got a job (or a mysterious source of income..). I could just be happy about every single nice word and keep on working towards the 100 songs. But now I am always split between the two parts of my psyche which kills motivation for both things - the 'real world' problems are killing the creativity and the declined applications kill the motivation for applying again and again. It sometimes feels like everything is absolutely pointless. To have these feelings again (last time I was 16 or 17, now I am 28) is worrying me even further...

I have to admit that this blog was one of the first things I couldn't do anymore at the moment. So I figure that this will be one of the last posts for a while until things are back on track again...sorry for that...

so long


Saturday, May 28, 2016

DrScythe - announcing PROJECT 100! 100 songs within 10 years (91 songs and 9 1/2 years left)

Project 100

Video version:

Right after I’ve released the 7th and 8th song I realized that two of those eight songs weren’t part of the initial ‘more than 30 songs’. That means I am close to forty songs in the catalogue and as a matter of fact there are still many more ideas and parts lying around. This revelation spawned an idea: to record one hundred songs. I am the first to admit that I had no idea where the DrScythe project was headed. Just go on making songs and videos? Form a band at some point to play live but change the whole approach accordingly? Both options lacked something to me. I know that I am quite disciplined so just going on releasing songs wouldn’t be much of a problem no matter if there’s a lot of fans or not. But with no goal to achieve it felt a little random. And forming a band might not even work so my brain came up with a finish line:

100 original songs in 10 years!
-       Covers/Traditionals
-       Acoustic versions of own songs
-       the recently introduced Vaccines
-       Collaborations with more than ~20 sec guest part

Some may think that 100 songs over the course of 10 years aren’t that many others may be impressed by the sheer number. I myself simply instantly loved the idea of looking back one day and having released one hundred tracks.

Technically there’s a little discrepancy between the 100 songs and ten years when releasing monthly. It’s either the 123rd song in November 2025 or the 100th in December 2023. But one central element of project management is headroom and I think it’s fair to leave some space and just say: completing 100 songs within 10 years is big enough for one artist alone. If I can pull it off in seven so be it. I don’t want to force a certain date for the ‘big finale’ so if it turns out to be April 2024 it’ll be April 2024.

So let me explain the exclusions. The ‘Vaccines’ are obviously just for fun and do not count as a full song (especially as they’re limited to 1:59min). Although I am giving away the surprise now I want to say that I want to do acoustic versions of some of my songs and some traditional folk songs in the future on a random basis which are not even included in ‘monthly release’ (thus the ‘random’ tag) under the label ‘DrScythe raw’ or something like that. This would also include covers of copyrighted newer material if I’ll ever decide to do those.

As for collaborations it will depend on if they’re ever going to happen. I guess that the number of my future subscribers will be the central figure here for others to be interested in a collab. If there’ll be collabs I will allow the song to be a part of the 100 only if the guest part is around 20 seconds total. Anything way beyond that will get a different label. What I’d see as a possibility is to reissue a previously released song with a guest musician and simply do not count it again. But that’s to be figured out later…

Fun facts:
I’ll keep some statistics. All the instruments used are on their 1st set of strings since I began the project (and no, I don’t need to change them, I don’t use regular nickel- or stainless steel roundwounds) but sooner or later that’ll change. I am on the 5th pack of coffee. I use too many different picks to keep track of those accurately.

Aaaand let’s finish on a song; number 9 of 100!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

DrScythe cheap excuses part I

Hello there,
I am sorry to let another week go by without a post but I am working on the 9th song and the big announcement for the week (which will contain a post here) so that I am too busy to put my mind to something useful.

As I plan to release everything on Friday you don't have to wait for too long. Maybe enjoy the music..

So long, greetings to all of you who read this blog! If anyone does follow this blog it would be nice to know