Monday, December 21, 2015

The (hi-)story of DrScythe – Part III (Meinthat Part II)

This blog entry is about Meinthat falling apart after the guitarist had to leave. With him gone we also decided to go for a little bit more metal in the songs and began rehearsing a song by Amorphis. To be honest I don’t recall the exact chronological order of the events so I just try to group them by topic.

The shortest part is definitely my own failure to write new songs. I love listening to metal but forced creativity never worked for me (and it still doesn’t) and the ideas were rough and rare. So we had some ideas and riffs but nothing new to keep the band together or to recruit new members easily. Sadly this wasn’t the only problem because that could’ve been solved by someone else with songwriting skills.

What really ‘ended’ Meinthat was the endless search for new members. When we found a new guitarist, the bass player left and meanwhile we also had two different drummers and so on. Frustration kills any motivation and you’re really annoyed by playing the same songs for weeks and not moving forward.
During the first phase (last blog) we had some weird guests for the tryouts too but the people who wanted to join us after the guitarist left and after the style change really took the cake. Trying to kick other members without being a member, trying to kick out my fiancée because relationships in bands don’t work, collect 20.000 bucks in advance for promotion before playing a single note or checking out a dozen bands because of being so ultra-skilled that everyone wants him – those and many other reasons made us say ‘don’t call us, we call you’. Just FYI: those are not made up! Funniest moment was the 20.000 Euros guy; we all were students so I don’t know what he was thinking. Looking at it retrospectively you can laugh your ass off about what people say and do but if you’re trying to form a band it’s really counterproductive. Your already stressed motivation drops lower from week to week which doesn’t help with writing songs either and so you’re slowly approaching the point of having the insight that it doesn’t make any sense anymore. Before we finally gave up we had two members (in addition to my fiancée and myself) left, one even writing songs. The last ‘arrow to the knee’ were our timetables. Even if your motivation rises and you got ideas to play with you can’t do anything if you cannot find a date to rehearse.

And so when I got a job and rent the apartment I still live in (with my fiancée) in 2011 it was finally clear that ‘Meinthat’ was no longer. On the one hand it was sad to end this on the other hand it was just a relief to do whatever I wanted as a creative person again.

The whole time I collected ideas that didn’t suit the band’s style and always had the idea to record them someday by myself or with someone I don’t even know in real life. Well how I ended up doing the solo-artist thing is part V so you’ve got to wait till then if you’re interested. What I took away from this story is an attitude. If you really want something to work you’ve got to make it work. It was up to us and I am quite sure that none of us was really into it enough to overcome the lack of motivation.

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